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Jordan Evens
Map doesn't work when using a proxy

When a proxy is specified via command-line arguments:
- the weather will be retrieved properly, so it's using the proxy
- the map doesn't draw anything
- no error messages appear

Running program on windows with command-line:

SET proxyPort=<PORT>
javaw.exe -Dhttp.proxyHost=%proxyHost% -Dhttp.proxyPort=%proxyPort% -Dhttps.proxyHost=%proxyHost% -Dhttps.proxyPort=%proxyPort% -jar REDapp.jar

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Franco Nogarin Franco Nogarin's picture
Second Bug found

Our second bug in the Tech Preview was reported by Peter Englefield, and confirmed by Rod Suddaby. 

It seems that the CBH cannot be specified for fuel C6. This has been reported and has been listed as Bug #649.

Thanks Peter & Rod.