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Broken Invite system fixed

Hi Folks, the invite system decided to take a quiet holiday and the last 2 weeks of invites were NOT sent so I worked on it today and after 1130 Mountain, its working again, if you have invited someone, but they seem to have not cared or they did not get your invitation, you can follow the steps below, to Re-invite them provided that the invite did not already expire.



How to make books.

Making a book on is very simple but requires a few prerequisites (Bold instructions for speed readers);

  1. you need a valid account with the correct permissions
  2. you need a standards based browser, the world can never guarntee anything in a non-standrds based browser such as IE, feel free to try, but if it dies not work, get chrome, firefox, safari or opera.

If you have the above, you are ready to get started.

  1. login to using your credentials.
  2. from the secondary