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REDapp is a fire management decision support tool developed with financial support from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC), and in-kind support from fire management agencies across Canada. The founding members of the REDapp development team represent the Government of Alberta, Government of the Northwest Territories, Heartland Software Solutions Inc., and Natural Resources Canada.

As of Jan 6th, 2019:

  • The  Status of REDapp is: Stable v6.2.4 - This means that REDapp is only available to REDapp Community members and is now stable and official
  • The Status of the Community is Open 

REDapp Beta Released to the REDapp Community

With all due pomp and circumstance, We are proud to announce that REDapp Beta is ready for release to the REDapp community! You will find our new REDapp in the downloads section (Just Click "Get REDapp" in the top menu bar).
While REDapp Beta has undergone extensive testing and critical evaluation, it is still a beta product, and for this reason, would appreciate if you do not share copies of REDapp outside the REDapp community at this time, rather, if folks want the app, invite them to our community instead.

Technology Preview to be released to the REDapp Community Early

The Technology Preview is currently in Closed "Internal" Testing, but due to the current ongoing nation wide heightened fire danger and the ever increasing demand for tools by fire professionals, the REDapp Team has decided to open up the Technology Preview to the REDapp community as soon as possible. We are hoping to have it available to community members by July 20th. This note will be updated as to the the status of this endeavor.