REDapp Beta Release 1.8 - October 15, 2013

Release Notes:

  • Bug-801: Remove Noon Weather Observations, Hourly Weather Observations, and Fire Weather Inputs from the settings tab. The application should still apply the default values to these inputs unless the "Retain values" option is selected. All we're doing here is removing the option to customize the default values.
  • Bug-801: Rename "Retain values in form fields when exiting REDapp" to "Retain input values when exiting".
  • Bug-801: Add "Scale Distances to Map Scale" to the General Settings group box.
  • Bug-801: Re-order the General Settings group box as follows: Coordinate Units, Show timezones for selected region, Scale Distances to Map Scale, Retain input values when exiting.
  • Bug: REDapp defaults on a first time installation were not displaying properly, this has been resolved
  • Bug: REDapp network code modification to fix issues with corporate network proxies.