REDapp Beta Release 1.0.1 - January 10, 2016

Bug 1045 - CEST is now UTC+2:00 instead of UTC+3:00.
Bug 1046 - Changed daily and noon weather exports from the statistics tab to report rain from hour 13 of yesterday to hour 12 of today (or 14 of yesterday to 13 of today if DST).
Bug 1047 - Changed how and when terrain characteristics are being loaded from the settings.

Bug 1048 - Updated the hourly weather import to be in sync with Prometheus (interpolation of up to 4 missing hours in a row, trimming incomplete last days, allowing for weather data to be out of order, allowing weather data to be specified at non-hourly intervals).
Bug 1049 - Fixed an issue with FWI calculations in December.
Bug 1050 - Added the ability to display outputs in imperial units.
Bug 1051 - Added a solar calculator to the weather tab that displays sunrise, sunset, solar noon, and the solar angle at solar noon. There is a known issue in the OSX version that some text is cut off for the solar angle.
Bug 1052 - Added the ability to display multiple fire perimeters on the map at once. Also added the ability to add fire perimeters to the map from the stats tab.
Bug 1053 - Default CBH for C-6 fuel type changed to 7m. Removed restriction on CFB calculation when CBH is 0.
Bug 1055 - Fixed an issue with the button layout in the FBP tab when there is no internet connection.
Bug 1061 - Changed the tooltip text for DSR to Daily Severity Rating.
Bug 1062 - Changed the order of the tabs.
Bug 1063 - When the hour is less than 12LST (13DST) the FWI tab now uses yesterdays starting values to calculate the BUI value used in the hourly FWI calculation.
Misc - Updates for displaying Google Map in JavaFX WebView in Java 8.