The Next release of REDApp - Java Version

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The Next release of REDApp - Java Version

The REDApp DEv Team is currently working on a "Next" Version of REDapp. One of the tough things about redapp development, is that since it is Java based, picking a version of Java to be the one required for redapp, requires feedback from the community. Thats you.

The Dev Team has a question for you:

What is the version of JAVA used in your agencies' enterprise?

We will use this info to steer the requirements of the next REDApp for maximum agency compatability.

If you are representing an agency please indicate your Agency if not indicate Private (or both), then indicate what version of Java your Enteprise uses OR if private, the version(s) of JAVA installed on your machine(s): EG:



  • (real) Franco Nogarin - GNWT Enterprise - None - Manual install of any java required. Techs Install Java 8 Update 261 (the most recent) or if JDK requested they install Java 11 (LTS until 2027).
  • (real) Franco Nogarin - Private OSX - java version "1.6.0_65" or Java 6
  • (real) Franco Nogarin - Private win7-64bit - java version "1.8.0_231" or Java 8