Changes to the Community after REDapp v1.0.0

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Changes to the Community after REDapp v1.0.0

Hi All,

There a few notable changes at that really matter.

  1. New Look and Feel for - Same site just looks nicer.
  2. We report Bugs using the contact tool now, support and feature requests are still discussed in forums.
  3. Membership is now open to everyone, but you still need to be a logged in member to participate.
  4. Members have 500 more invites, and users can sign up without an invite at
  5. There will only be two releases of REDapp from now on; Stable and Development (or Dev), It is our intention for both to be openly avaialble to the community. 
  6. REDApp is now Version 1.0.0
  7. We would still prefer that you only download redapp for yourself, and we will be unable to support redapp users who are not members of the community.