Broken Invite system fixed

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Broken Invite system fixed

Hi Folks, the invite system decided to take a quiet holiday and the last 2 weeks of invites were NOT sent so I worked on it today and after 1130 Mountain, its working again, if you have invited someone, but they seem to have not cared or they did not get your invitation, you can follow the steps below, to Re-invite them provided that the invite did not already expire.



What: If you invite someone and for some reason they dont get the email (This is not for cases where the invite expires, I think I have already coverd that in another post), we can resend the invite manually.

WhyWhen you invite someone there are two buttons on the bottom of the page, one that sends an email and one that shows you the invite code, if you mistakenly click the latter, that would explain why they did not get an email. If there was a problem sending the mails, this would alco cause this.

How: you can resend the invite manually following these steps:


  • log in to

  • click the login link at the top of the screen (shortcut to your account when you are already logged in)

  • click the invitations tab

  • click the pending tab

  • next to the email under operations, click show link.

  • copy the stuff in the box to your clipboard.

  • compose an email to the email address shown.

  • paste the info from the clipboard into the email to the invitee.

  • in your own words tell them to click the link and follow the instructions.