REDapp v1.0.0 Released

Today the REDapp Dev team is proud to announce the release of REDapp 1.0 !
For users of the OSX (Mac) Beta,

You will notice many changes to the site:
- New look and feel
- Bugs now reported from the contact page
- Members have 500 more invites each
- Users can self register

If you were running the Beta version on OSX you must uninstall the previous version before installing this version. To do this delete the installed file
(default location /Applications/ and then from a Terminal window run:
sudo pkgutil --forget com.cwfgm.redapp.RedApp.pkg

Be patient downloading, since everyone is downloading at once, things could be a touch slow.
On behalf of the Dev team I would like to thank each and every member of this community, Testers and Users alike for helping to make a rock solid
FBP Calculator!
Cheers, We know you will enjoy REDapp 1.0!
The REDapp Dev Team.