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REDapp is a fire management decision support tool developed with financial support from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC), and in-kind support from fire management agencies across Canada. The founding members of the REDapp development team represent the Government of Alberta, Government of the Northwest Territories, Heartland Software Solutions Inc., and Natural Resources Canada.

As of June 3nd, 2015:

  • The  Status of REDapp is: Stable v1.0.0 - This means that REDapp is only available to REDapp Community members and is now stable and official
  • The Status of the Community is Open 

REDapp v1.0.0 Released

Today the REDapp Dev team is proud to announce the release of REDapp 1.0 !
For users of the OSX (Mac) Beta,

You will notice many changes to the site:
- New look and feel
- Bugs now reported from the contact page
- Members have 500 more invites each
- Users can self register

REDapp to be released in Q1 2015

Hi Folks, we are currently debugging Beta 2.x - So REDapp is still only available to REDapp Community members and is still experimental.

  • ​We are expecting a final private beta  release in Jan of 2015
  • ​We are expecting a public release in Fen of 2015
  • The Status of the Community is closed (Invite only)
    • ​We expect to open the community to the public when the first official release of REDapp occurs (in Feb 2015)